Intellectual Property and Technology Updates 2015

This is probably the area that has been of greatest interest to us this year. The notion of “digital assets” as part of a personal estate or business assets has become very significant. Most older documents do not deal with these specific rights, whether they be password access to key accounts, saving of data or documents or photos within the cloud, or the administration of those rights should a person die or become disabled.


In addition, we think that is now more critical than ever for clients in their business to register and preserve their good will trading name by way of trade mark and domain name. given the substantial increase in online trading activity these assets take on far greater significance in the ultimate sale of a business as part of an exit strategy than ever before. Ask us how to quickly and easily register a trade mark in your circumstances.


In terms of changes to technology, we all sign up far too easily to terms and conditions of use of software whether it is online or as a subscriber elsewhere. The full impact of accepting those terms and conditions really need to be understood in the context of a change in the business, particularly if there is the introduction of new stakeholders. Ask us how to review those terms and conditions and do a risk analyst of the security aspects of your data, as we see this is the key area of the future for business to identify and protect stock.