The Ever Changing Landscape of the Law – Commercial Law 2015

We note there has been a significant change to franchising regulations and legislation this year and we would urge all clients to avail themselves of a review of their documentation in that regard.


The privacy act and regulations are of major interest to those clients who have a turnover of $3million or more, or expect to do so in the near future. Given that most small to medium enterprises are driven by collection and management of data, it will be a bigger concern for business owners in the future. Ask us how we can assist you with an assessment of disclosure and authority under the privacy act to ensure that your business complies now and in the future.


We also urge clients to consider very carefully the commercial trading terms and conditions. This might be as varied as the services contract with customers or your end user license terms if you provide services online. We always urge clients to consider the warranty and liability clauses that might apply in the extent of which they are covered by insurance. It is certainly worth a one hour review to keep pace with changes in technology.


We also urge clients to review their advertising and marketing procedures for their business to ensure that they comply with the competition and consumer legislation. Again it is often just a simple one hour review that can identify major issues that could be easily rectified by change in terms.