New IP & Technology Audit Service

Crilly Lawyers is pleased to offer a new fixed-fee IP and Technology Audit service for businesses.

The importance of a businesses’ intellectual property and technology assets is often overlooked, but can quite often be the most valuable asset the business owns. Unfortunately, these assets are often allowed to languish or slip through a businesses’ fingers due to poor management or understanding of these assets. The unwary business can also find itself unwittingly in breach of laws or contracts; a particularly prominent risk given recent legal developments including amendments to intellectual property and privacy laws.

The IP & Technology Audit is a high level review of all your intellectual property and technology issues, including:

  • copyright, patents and designs;
  • registered and unregistered trade marks;
  • confidentiality and trade secrets;
  • intellectual property licenses and disputes;
  • software and technology licenses and contracts;
  • websites, social media and online activities; and
  • privacy.

One of our solicitors will attend your offices for a day and review your existing intellectual property and technology arrangements. After our review, you will receive a report outlining all your current intellectual property rights and technology contracts and our recommendations on any issues that we may have identified. We have a number of solicitors qualified in science and technology and can identify niche concerns for your consideration with industry experience.

For more information, please contact Tony Crilly at our office.